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Meet the Team

Guiding the business with a steady hand and keeping a close eye on the pennies is our founder and MD Mark.

Mark has used his experience and industry contacts to develop Spektrum Events into a trusted partner to many agencies and globally recognised brands.


Matt has been instrumental in developing Spektrum Events into the business we know today.

Leaning on 10 years experience and focusing on our core standards of Quality, Value & Service, Matt has broadened our client base and paved the way for future growth.


When Phil joined the Company he set about using his extensive logistical knowledge to streamline operations.

Phil's experience and training ensure Spektrum Events remain safe, compliant and environmentally friendly place to work, whether at base or on site.


A strong hand is needed when it comes to controlling Company spending and that's exactly what Amanda provides.

Amanda keeps a keen eye on our finances and ensures a smooth service for customers and suppliers alike.


James was brought into Spektrum Events to develop the live events and exhibition build areas of the business.

James has brought a wealth of build and installation experience, honed over 15 years of working on projects around the world.


Toby came on board to help manage the interests of our broadening client base.

He is great at finding creative solutions for our customers an with more than 15 years industry experience his knowledge and skill base have proven invaluable.


Lee joined in order to help breathe life into the event activities of some of our key clients.

Lee's background in organising and running events coupled with his ability to understand a client's brief mean he is always well received by our customers.


Our print studio has grown rapidly under Chris' supervision and just recently we tripled its size, allowing us to accommodate much larger projects.

Chris' high standards and keen eye for detail ensure that your jobs look great, every time!


Ensuring that the wide range of sets, stands, props and widgets we need are all produced to the high standard we expect from our workshop is Tim.

With over 10 years experience, Tim guides his domain of wood and metal with a strong hand.


Affectionately known as 'Moff', Dave manages our warehouse and fleet of vehicles, ensuring that everything remains in order.

With over 25 years event industry experience he is the go-to-guy for advice on many projects.


Stuart is one of the stalwarts of the business having been here, almost from the beginning.

Stu's experience both on and off site make him a great problem solver and a truly valued member of the team.


Bringing with him bags of knowledge and enthusiasm, nothing phases Jason.

He his happy to turn his hand to anything and shows dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm in everything he does.


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We are proud to promote ourselves as a safe and responsible contractor